y sports tumblr

 y sports tumblr

This y Sports Tumblr has become a favorite of mine and it’s been a lot of fun seeing all the different sports that people are playing. I’m not a sports person, but the people that go to y Sports Tumblr are a great group of athletes and you’ll find a lot of similarities between their lives.

Sports personalities are more common than you might think because they often have personal lives, careers, and even families. These people are sometimes known as “drama queens” or “selfless athletes,” because they often work to help others. That’s how I got into sports because I was involved in an organization called “Sports for Selfless Kids,” which I’m now involved with as a volunteer for.

The whole sports world is a great source of information, like it or not.



Wow! I can't believe we finally got to meet in person. You probably remember me from class or an event, and that's why this profile is so interesting - it traces my journey from student-athlete at the University of California Davis into a successful entrepreneur with multiple ventures under her belt by age 25

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