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I have a confession to make. I have been a fan of the Philadelphia Eagles since the day I can remember. My dad was an avid Eagles fan in the 90s, and my mom was a die-hard Eagles fan. So it was no surprise when I started watching them play. I have watched multiple games here and there, but it was no surprise how good they were.

Since I became a father, I have become an Eagles fan. I love them because of the players on their current roster and how the team has been built since they’ve been around. But I also love them because of the coach, Andy Reid. I was a die-hard fan when he was playing here in Philadelphia, and I’m still a die-hard fan now. Andy is a great coach and a great person.

I will admit that I did love Andy Reid. I still love him, and Im glad he is still going on with this game. But I love the Eagles more because of the team they have now, and the coach, but also the players. They are not the same team they were a few years ago (and im not even talking about the players) but the Eagles are a much better team now.

Sure, Reid has a lot to answer for, but I think that it’s actually the players that have made this team so good. If you look at the Eagles’ playoff performance over the past couple of years, they have clearly improved their team. They have won four straight, including a game that was close, and three of those wins came against mediocre teams. As an Eagles fan, I am proud of the team for taking that next step.

It’s easy to think that the Eagles are going to be a pretty good team. They’ve won a couple of games this year, but there are some tough moments. You may be thinking, “I don’t know about the Eagles but I am a diehard Eagles fan and I’m not going to let them go to the playoffs”. But it doesn’t make sense to me that these Eagles have been the best team in the history of the NFC.

Yes they have, but there have just been a few seasons where they have had the best offense and defense in the league. No one can take that away from them. So far weve seen them pull off some amazing feats of football. Theyre still not perfect, but theyll be a lot better this year.

Its definitely an interesting thought experiment, but it also reminds us of the fact that the Eagles will probably be a lot better without this team. The Eagles have had a lot of trouble taking opponents down the stretch as a result of their 3-7-5 playoff record. They’re also in a division that has been a mess for a long time and with a new coach and a new quarterback, things should be better.

The Eagles have been awful in recent years, but theyre also very, very good. You can see that the Eagles have been in a division that’s about a full-time job, and that’s only because the last few years have been about as bad as you can get.The Eagles have been a lot better this year, but the coaches and quarterbacks have been a lot better, though that has been a lot worse than the last few years.

The Eagles have had a couple of good years, but they’re still been mediocre and only because of the team’s performance. If you look at the Eagles performance last year, they were worse than ever. They’ve now played better than ever. They’ve had some great years, but those are just the highlights. The offense has been a bit better this year, but the defense has been a bit worse.

There have been a few good years for the Eagles, but they’ve been mediocre at best. It’s not only the defense that has allowed them to get themselves on the back foot more times than they have been able to do this year. The Falcons have been great, but theyve been mediocre at best. The Dolphins have been great, but theyve been mediocre at best. The Ravens have been mediocre, but theyve been mediocre at best.


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