Starfield Faction IDs: A Comprehensive Guide

Starfield, the highly anticipated space-themed role-playing game developed by Bethesda Game Studios, has garnered immense attention from gamers worldwide. As players delve into the vast universe of Starfield, they encounter various factions that shape the game’s narrative and gameplay. In this article, we will explore the concept of Starfield Faction IDs, their significance, and how they enhance the overall gaming experience.

Understanding Starfield Factions

Starfield introduces a dynamic world where players can align themselves with different factions, each with its own unique goals, ideologies, and benefits. These factions play a crucial role in shaping the player’s journey, offering quests, rewards, and opportunities for progression.

Each faction in Starfield is assigned a unique Faction ID, which serves as an identifier within the game’s code. These Faction IDs are essential for modders, developers, and players who want to interact with or modify the game’s factions.

The Significance of Faction IDs

Faction IDs serve as a fundamental component of Starfield’s game mechanics and modding community. They enable players to:

  • Identify and track their progress within a specific faction
  • Access faction-specific quests, rewards, and storylines
  • Modify or create new factions through modding
  • Interact with NPCs and make decisions based on faction affiliations

Without Faction IDs, the game’s factions would lack structure and coherence, making it challenging for players to engage with the game’s narrative and progression systems.

Obtaining Faction IDs

While Starfield is yet to be released, it is important to note that Faction IDs are typically obtained through in-game exploration, dialogue choices, and quest progression. As players align themselves with different factions, they will unlock Faction IDs associated with those factions.

Additionally, modders and developers can access Faction IDs through the game’s code or modding tools. These tools provide a comprehensive list of Faction IDs, allowing modders to create new factions or modify existing ones.

Examples of Starfield Faction IDs

Although specific Faction IDs in Starfield are yet to be revealed, we can draw inspiration from Bethesda’s previous games, such as The Elder Scrolls series and Fallout, to understand how Faction IDs might be structured. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, for instance, the Thieves Guild faction is assigned the Faction ID “000D3A3D,” while the Dark Brotherhood faction is assigned “000229A2.”

These examples demonstrate how Faction IDs are typically alphanumeric codes that uniquely identify each faction within the game.

Modding and Faction IDs

Starfield’s modding community is expected to thrive, just like its predecessors. Faction IDs play a crucial role in modding, allowing creators to develop new factions, quests, and storylines. By utilizing Faction IDs, modders can ensure compatibility with the base game and other mods, creating a seamless experience for players.

Modders can also modify existing factions by altering their Faction IDs, enabling them to create unique variations or expand upon the lore and gameplay associated with those factions.


1. Can Faction IDs be changed in Starfield?

No, Faction IDs are predefined within the game’s code and cannot be changed by players. However, modders can modify Faction IDs through modding tools to create new factions or modify existing ones.

2. How many factions are there in Starfield?

The exact number of factions in Starfield is yet to be revealed. Bethesda Game Studios has kept this information under wraps to maintain the element of surprise and discovery for players.

3. Can players join multiple factions in Starfield?

Yes, players can join multiple factions in Starfield. However, certain factions may have conflicting goals or ideologies, requiring players to make choices that impact their standing with each faction.

4. Are Faction IDs the same for all players?

Yes, Faction IDs are universal and remain the same for all players. This ensures consistency and compatibility within the game’s world and modding community.

5. Can Faction IDs be used to unlock exclusive content?

Yes, Faction IDs are often used to unlock exclusive quests, rewards, and storylines associated with specific factions. By progressing within a faction, players can access unique content tailored to their chosen affiliation.


Starfield Faction IDs are a vital component of the game’s mechanics, enabling players to engage with various factions and shape their journey within the game’s universe. These Faction IDs serve as identifiers for factions, allowing players, modders, and developers to interact with and modify the game’s factions. As players explore the vastness of Starfield, Faction IDs provide a sense of progression, access to exclusive content, and the ability to make impactful decisions based on faction affiliations. With the game’s release on the horizon, players can look forward to immersing themselves in the rich world of Starfield and the factions that await them.

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