sports bars in surprise az

 sports bars in surprise az

I’ve never been to a sports bar. I’ve read about them, but I never felt like I had the opportunity to try one. I’ve always been a guy who doesn’t like to be the center of attention. I’d much rather go out for a beer or two and watch the game for free. The idea of going out for a sports bar didn’t even cross my mind until I read about one in a magazine.

Ive always wondered if sports bars are actually a thing. And now I know.

Ive been to sports bars before, but Ive never had my drink taken away from me. Ive never felt like I had to wait for some douche to take my drink away from me in some back room. Ive never had to fight for my drink because some idiot tried to take it away from me. Ive never had to worry that I may loose my drink because I wasnt able to grab it myself.

A sports bar is a bar or restaurant that caters to patrons who are in the athletic field or those who are engaged in regular exercise. In fact, according to the website, sports bars are one of the most popular places in the world to take a dip in the pool. Because after all, with the right attitude and some good ol’ fashion, anyone can do a good old dip in a pool.

In a recent article, Sports Bar Secrets, I discussed the importance of having a great attitude during your dip. One of the key things that I stressed was that you don’t need to be “that guy” who’s always looking at the door to see if someone is in the pool. Instead, you can start by seeing if anyone is in the pool. If they are, go up and ask them to join you, and if they say yes, ask them to go sit with you.

I love this idea. Why not? Not only does it make for a great conversation starter, but it’s a great way to introduce a new player to sports drinking. It also makes for a great conversation starter.

I like how we’re not really looking for a “guy,” we’re looking for a guy who will be okay with having a drink. So if the guy who owns the bar is cool with it, and he’s not looking at you, then great. If not, don’t look.

I think the problem with sports bars is that they are all pretty much the same. You are either one of the guys who wants to drink and dont care what you are like, or you are the guy who likes to go out to a bar and not care what you are like. What a great place to introduce new players and new drinkers to the sport.

For all the good they do, sports bars are a great place for new, and old, drinkers to meet. They are typically empty at these times (late afternoons, after all) and filled with people who, like us, want to drink and dont care what you are like.


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