sports bars downtown detroit

 sports bars downtown detroit

When it comes to bars, I think all of the downtown areas just don’t compare to the sports bars. There are many more options than you can find in an area like Midtown or River North. That being said, I’ve found that sports bars can be a great place to meet new people or just hang out with your friends. It’s a great place to hang out with your coworkers, if you have them.

There are a variety of options to get into a sports bar, but the two I use most are: Sports Bar and Brewery. I went to each and thought them both had great options for sports drinks.

Sports Bars are generally places you can get beers and other drinks, but there are also places that serve food in the same areas as a sports bar. Its a great place to stop by for people you know or just to hang out with your friends if you have them.


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