mountain sports inn

 mountain sports inn

This mountain sports inn is a great place to stay while visiting with family. This inn is located on the west side of the ski area in St. Croix.

It’s the kind of place that has all the comforts of home, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be the same people you were before. The rooms are spacious and well-furnished. The kitchen is stocked with every imaginable ingredient. There are no TVs, but you might find one if you make an effort. The bathrooms have tile floors and large showers.

The rooms have a small fridge and microwave, an in-room coffeemaker, an electric kettle, and an iron. The bedding and towels are clean, the staff is friendly, and the restaurant has a decent lunch buffet. I would definitely stay here again.

I have heard that the inn is a bit pricey for this area, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t like the idea of staying in a hotel. But if you’re not looking for a hotel, there is something for you.

The inn is a bit pricey for this area, and if youre looking for a place to stay, the price range is very reasonable. But if you want a nice place to eat, the inn is definitely worth it.

I love the inn, and I would definitely stay here again. It’s a great place to stay for anyone who likes to stay in hotels. They also have a decent restaurant where you can get quite a bit of local fare.

The inn was originally built in the early 1900s by the Balfour family, and they still run it as a family home. The inn is very intimate, almost like a homey place to stay. The rooms are large, with a few having a view of the lake and the mountains, and they are spotless.

The inn is owned by the Balfour family, and they are the reason we are staying at the inn. The Balfour family were the original owners of this inn, and their son, John, made the inn his home. He is a charming man, very friendly, and a great cook. There are two different inns here, one of which offers a decent dining room and the other has a dining room, but no kitchen.

The Balfour family are an old Scottish family who’ve been in the mountain resort business for nearly a century. John is the oldest son, and he has a son named John, Jr. The family has made several trips to the inn, including the one where we first arrived. John, Jr. is also the owner of the inn at the moment.

He is a wonderful man and a very good cook. He has a very large family, and they are all very friendly. The inn is very small, and it is a good place to stay, so it is a little difficult to find.


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