mavrix motor sports

 mavrix motor sports

Motor Racing is something that everyone should at least have an idea of what it is and why they like it. For some, it is a passion that carries them to the top of their sport with the help of their father, or the love of their childhood, or the love of their spouse, or their sense of adventure. The more you know about this unique form of spectator entertainment, the more you have a better appreciation for the sport and better understanding of the appeal of racing.

With a few exceptions you can’t go wrong with this. It’s probably a good idea to play a game where you can go into the background and jump around a big ball, and they will throw a lot of the ball about 15-20 times and take the ball down the track. If you’re in a tight loop around the head, you can do it with a few little tricks, and make the ball go up as near as possible until it’s over the head.


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