5 Laws Anyone Working in hydrogen peroxide to clean dogs ears Should Know

 5 Laws Anyone Working in hydrogen peroxide to clean dogs ears Should Know

I have seen many dog owners with their ears covered with a fine layer of blood after the dog has suffered a cut. While this is a very painful sight, I find that the application of hydrogen peroxide on the cut does a great job of cleaning the blood away and preventing infection.

The application of hydrogen peroxide is a popular method for cleaning cut wounds. However, there is no evidence that this method works for dog ear problems.

The application of hydrogen peroxide on the dog’s ear will have no effect on this type of injury. While it will help to remove blood, the skin around the dog’s ear will remain intact.

hydrogen peroxide is a petroleum-based solvent which is the same as is used for degreasing wood. Not sure if it would work on dog ears though.

The use of hydrogen peroxide on dog ears is basically a joke, but it does raise several questions. Firstly, you can’t just toss a bunch of hydrogen peroxide in someone’s mouth, as this would be very foolish. You would have to buy hydrogen peroxide, and then mix it up with your dog’s water, which is probably not something you would do. But you could use some of your dog’s water to make hydrogen peroxide.

I doubt it will work, as hydrogen peroxide is a bleach, and bleach is a caustic chemical which will attack the skin. So if you want to clean the skin of dog ears then you will have to have the dog ears immersed in a solution of hydrogen peroxide. After that you will have to run the hydrogen peroxide through some sort of chemical stripper, which is basically the same thing as toothpaste.

Hydrogen peroxide can also have other health effects on dogs. The chemicals that the solution contains can actually harm the dog’s eyes, skin, and brain. But the most common thing you can do is to rinse the ear with water and then dip it back into the solution. I don’t know if you can do this with dogs ears, but I’m sure that it can be done.

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If you have the right equipment, you can clean out ears and their underbelly with hydrogen peroxide. Here is a video that provides some information on the science of hydrogen peroxide.



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