best sports bars in scottsdale

 best sports bars in scottsdale

I have always loved sports bars, but the list of them grows longer every season. Whether it be a large outdoor sports bar or a small dive bar, the best sports bars in scottsdale will have you craving more than just a drink. Sports bars such as The Banc of California in downtown Scottsdale, Scottsdale Sports Bar, and Scottsdale Sports Bar at the University Town Center are all great options for a great bar in Scottsdale.

I love Scottsdale Sports Bar so much I want to see it grow even bigger! It’s a small bar, but the staff is just so warm and friendly. They have a great selection of sports drinks and a nice variety of beer. They even have a special menu for the students who are studying abroad at the university.

I’m not sure if Scottsdale Sports Bar is actually a “sports bar,” but it certainly has an awesome beer selection.

Also, my friend in college, who was studying abroad at the university, just brought home the best damn beer ever made. She was amazed to find a beer called “The Great White” that was 5% abv, or 10% alcohol, it’s pretty impressive. I’m sure if it was made in the uk, it would be even better.

The best part about Scottsdale Sports Bar is how the locals, and even tourists, don’t seem to know where it is. There’s no sign, no street address, no gas station. I guess that’s because they don’t have a real address. There’s no indication of where it is on the map, and the first thing you see when you walk in is a large poster that says “Scottsdale Sports Bar”.

It’s a little disheartening that this is the best sports bar in Scottsdale, but it’s not as bad as the worst. Theres a beer called The Great White that’s worth 5 abv or 10 alcohol. It’s located across the street from a golf course so it’s pretty fun. Theres an ice cream shop with a sign that says Ice Cream and Dairy in Scottsdale, so it’s actually worth going if you like ice cream.

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